Keep Your Wits About You on the Road This Winter


Here at our dealership near Scranton, PA, it takes extra care and skill to travel safely through the winter weather. Following a few simple tips will help you get where you’re going without an unplanned assist from the local towing company.

Slow and steady doesn’t just win the race, it’s your best bet for dealing with whatever Old Man Winter dishes out. Sudden movements often lead to sudden slips. When you apply the brakes, apply them slowly and gently. Traction is reduced when you’re traveling over snow and ice. Hitting the brakes too quickly, before they have a chance to find a little grip, will have you slip sliding over the top of the road rather than grabbing hold. It’s important to keep in mind that applying the brakes slowly and steadily means it will take you longer to come to a stop. So leave plenty of room between you and the car ahead, much more than you normally would. And start braking earlier for red lights. 

Of course, just because you follow safe driving practices doesn’t mean everyone else will. In case of an accident up ahead, be prepared to be stopped in the cold weather by keeping your gas tank above halfway at all times. Additionally, keep a bag in the car with blankets, food, water, phone chargers, and kitty litter or sand. The kitty litter and sand can be used to pour over the snow and give your tires some extra traction if you need to get out of a tight spot.

One of the best ways to stay safe this winter is to make sure your vehicle is in good working order. Schedule Mercedes-Benz service here at Mercedes-Benz of Wilkes-Barre and let our expert technicians give your vehicle a thorough once-over. And don’t forget that December is a great time to shop for a new vehicle during the Mercedes-Benz Winter Event. Through January 2nd, Mercedes-Benz will cover your first month’s payment on select new 2018 models. For more helpful advice, check out these winter driving tips from AAA.

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